Suspicious Box Makes Woman’s Heart Drop When She Peeked Inside

It’s always a little unnerving when you have to use a public restroom, and after this story, that feeling just got a little worse. One woman from Los Angeles, California recently needed to use the restroom at a Dollar Tree Store. Unfortunately, when she went inside the facilities, she noticed a suspicious box and decided to take a look inside.

Lady Sees Suspicious Box In Bathroom, Heart Drops When She Sees What’s Inside
Alexandria Sabori

Alexandria Sabori was shopping with her sister and 10-year-old niece when she needed to use the restroom. Not knowing if the store had public facilities, she asked a male store employee, who graciously explained to her that they did have a public toilet, but she would have to wait.

“’Let me check that there’s toilet paper, and let me check that it’s nice and clean,’” Sabori recalled the employee’s request, according to The Blaze. Once he allowed her in the restroom, she noticed a cardboard box with a hole in the side.

Lady Sees Suspicious Box In Bathroom, Heart Drops When She Sees What’s Inside
The box with a hole

“I was very curious to see what was in the box,” Sabori explained. “Why was there a hole in the box?” Of course, she peeked in the hole to see what was inside, and she was shocked at what she discovered.

Inside the box she found an iPhone pressed against the hole that was recording her every move. Sabori told KTLA, “My heart dropped.”

Lady Sees Suspicious Box In Bathroom, Heart Drops When She Sees What’s Inside

Immediately after finding the cell phone, she asked to speak to the store manager, who turned out to be the employee who she had talked to before going to the bathroom and most likely the man who placed the device in the bathroom in the first place.

Horrified, Sabori left the store and immediately contacted the authorities. Joe Gonzalez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department explained that they had arrested the manager, Carlos Martinez.


“This could’ve been my niece instead of me,” Sabori told KTLA. Allegedly, Martinez had approached another Dollar Tree shopper, Ternesha Peoples and her daughter, and told them to wait before using the store restroom.

“And each time he would say, ‘Oh, I have to check and make sure there’s toilet paper’ or ‘I have to check and make sure it’s not wet,’” Peoples told the station. “And then after he came out he would let us enter.”

Although it is unknown how many women this man recorded using the restroom, it’s comforting to know that he won’t be secretly recording anyone for a long time. If something seems suspicious, it’s probably worth checking out.

(h/t: The Blaze, Image Source: KTLA)

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